Embryo transportation services

Общество >> 27.04.2021, 18:59

The most valuable biomaterial for your Surrogacy and IVF treatment requires a highly professional attitude not only during the medical manipulations, but especially during transportation. Embryos and reproductive cells logistic is the critical question which needs to be thoroughly explored, moreover in times of COVID-19 period. 

The majority of transportation services assume responsibility for carrying IVF frozen embryos, sperm, eggs and cells between medical laboratories and fertility clinics worldwide. There is no difference in which country you save the biological material as much as which country you are living in. ADONIS is cooperating with different embryo transportation services and can receive biological material from all over the world. The one important thing to do – is to choose the best embryo courier just for you.

For better understanding and clarifying all the aspects ADONIS client needs to know, there are some important points to consider:

  • Embryo transportation safety 

The safety level of the shipping process must be strictly controlled (regardless of pandemic period), because international biomaterial transporting is of particular importance. The quality management system ensures safe, secure, compliant, careful handling and transport of frozen biomaterial. 

  • Professionalism of embryo courier 

During embryo transport, the biological material must be always supervised by a skilled courier who ensures safe transport and monitors the samples to make an ideal environmental conditions. In case of emergency, such as flight delay or reschedule, the embryo courier must have a decision-making capability to handle a situation and deliver the samples at the appointed time.

  • The latest equipment 

Embryo transportation can be carried out only in highly specialized containers with maintaining temperature and no X-ray influence at any point of the journey, since it can cause harmful changes to genetic materials. Only the latest equipment that will ensure your samples safety. 

  • Embryo transportation difficulties 

Despite the difficulties with temporary border-crossing restriction, embryo transportation services in cooperation with ADONIS Fertility International do their best to deliver the samples in time for the start of the infertility treatment program. With the best assistance your biological material will be delivered from the laboratory door to the ADONIS clinic without permeation inside. 

A shipment service that specializes in embryos, sperm, eggs or cell transport, requires personal care. Transportation frozen biomaterials internationally is a delicate and complex mission and you need to find the best service by your side.

So, in our times, there is no difference in which part of the world you are living in or which country you have chosen for storing the biomaterial. If you are ready to start the infertility treatment – there are no borders for us. The qualified embryo transportation services will deliver the most precious sample in Ukraine. ADONIS will care about high-quality IVF processes!